Threads of Time: A Digital Thrift Adventure

September 15, 2023

Join Mia's journey as she discovers a vintage dress from that takes her back in time to pivotal September events in history.

With each wear, the dress transported Mia to various pivotal September events in history. From witnessing the first published newspaper in America in 1690 to attending the opening night of the New York City Opera in 1943, she was becoming a silent observer of history's rich tapestry.

The Power of Threads

Curious about the dress's origins, Mia researched and learned of its previous owner, a time-traveling seamstress who wove memories into her creations. The dress was her masterpiece, capturing the essence of September's significance over the centuries.

Back to Reality

Mia decided to return the dress to, hoping another curious soul would continue the journey. She was forever changed, realizing that history is more than just dates and events – it's about the people and stories that shape our world.

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